Why cruise ships offer less risk than hotels when it comes to safety, security and privacy in this era of geopolitical turmoil and media scrutiny.

Open to the Public NO YES
Passengers (Guests) as well as Officers and Crew (Employees) screened and cleared by US Dept. of Homeland Security prior to sailing. YES NO
Advance screening and approval of vendors and visitors YES NO
Security screening checkpoints at ship or hotel entry points YES NO
Soft Target (1) NO YES
Hard Target (2) YES NO
Mobile (able to get out of harms way (3)) YES NO
Ease of Access (Uninvited Media) Must purchase cruise in advance Walk in without reservation
CDC Sanitation Inspections and Reporting (4) YES NO

1. A soft target is a relatively unprotected or vulnerable gathering place particularly vulnerable to a terrorist attack. The majority of terrorist attacks strike soft targets.

2. Hard targets limit access to the public and have a significant security presence in place to provide a high degree of protection against an attack.

3. Cruise ships can alter itineraries and change course on short notice to avoid significant weather and terror related threats.

4. The Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inspects cruise ships in periodic, unannounced operational sanitation inspections. Individual ship scores can be reviewed on line.

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